Info for Parents

  • Who is SPFY for?
  • How can SPFY help me and my teen?
  • What can I expect when I participate?

Who is SPFY for?
SPFY is a program for families with teenagers who are considered ‘at-risk.’ At-risk youth may be in danger of dropping out of high school, could have a history of being in trouble with the law or abusing drugs, might have difficulty controlling their temper or may experience mental health problems or a range of other issues.

Adult participants can include parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, or other significant caring adults in the teen’s life.

How can SPFY help me and my teen?
SPFY can help you learn to improve the parent-child relationship. You’ll come to understand your teenager better, will discover fresh ways of approaching old problems and will learn effective ways of communicating.  

What can I expect when I participate?
There are nine sessions that follow a set curriculum. During the sessions, you’ll cover topics like communication, praise, anger and stress and other issues that affect your relationship with your teenager.

Each week’s session has three parts. The first hour is spent eating a healthy family meal with all participants. During the second hour, parents and youth take part in skill-building sessions separately. And in the last hour, all participants come together again for a session where they build on the topics and skills they’ve just explored separately. 

“It brought our family a lot closer.”
– Parent participant
“Open communication was the biggest thing I will take
with me. My teen and I have a completely new way
of communicating.”
– Parent participant

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